Why Motorhome Holidays?

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My first experience of motorhome travel was at the age of 18, a group of friends and I bought a very old Bedford CF250 camper conversion for £500.00.  With a little TLC we used this to do a 3 week tour of Europe, traveling through 6 countries with a map book and no fixed route – I can still vividly remember some of the roads we took, places we stayed & food we ate – definitely what you would call a ‘life’ experience.

Things have come a long way over the last 25 years in terms of technology and comfort and our fleet of 2020 luxury motorhomes are more like boutique hotel rooms than what you would call a traditional ‘camper’.  What hasn’t changed is the beauty that’s out there to discover.

My wife once said to me “If I can’t take my hair straighteners & dryer then I’m not going”, which immediately ruled out camping, yet we both love the outdoors.  A few years later, we decided to invest in a motorhome and ultimately Unleashed Motorhome Hire was born.

Since then, we have discovered that there is an abundance of beauty right on your doorstep – doesn’t matter whether you travel north, east, south or west,  doesn’t matter if you don’t have a plan and just follow the sun, doesn’t even really matter on the weather, the UK has an abundance of picturesque towns, beautiful countryside, mountains, caves, architecture, history, shows, festivals & food!  In a motorhome you don’t have to be tied to a specific itinerary – many of our best trips have been when we have just jumped in and driven.  If you don’t like somewhere – don’t stay, if you do, spend a little more time there.  Get up in the morning and drive to somewhere with a wonderful view and stop for breakfast, always have a kettle waiting for you when you come in after winter mornings walk.  Based on our own experiences, our motorhomes come fully equipped with everything you need (including the kitchen sink!) and are a true ‘home from home’.

Then there’s pets, we are dog lovers and have 4 of our own.  What we won’t do is put them in to kennels which leaves two options for holidays – take them with us or have somebody house sit whilst we go away.  Using motorhomes allows us to take holidays with our pets, which they love as much as us and no worrying if they’re ok and being well looked after. At Unleashed, all our motorhomes are dog friendly and come with free seat belt buckles, travel water bottles, towels, spikes & treats.  We also have a full-size windbreak which is available for hire so as you can create a penned in area for your furry friends.

Food – my favourite past time!  Discovering it, cooking it and eating it – I love the UK food scene – motorhome travel allows you to discover a plethora of farm shops, foodie markets, pubs & restaurants of all kinds, tucked away in little towns and villages all over the country, places you’d never usually visit unless you were a local and offering cuisine and produce that can be very specific to an area.  Our motorhomes are all fully equipped with good sized fridges, ovens & hobs as well as travel BBQ’s and all the utensils you’ll need to create your own culinary masterpieces.  We even include all the furniture & wine glasses for your ‘al-fresco’ experiences.

One thing that people tend not to consider when thinking about motorhome travel is the driving position – you are sat much higher than you would be in a car.  Travelling down country roads in a car, you tend to be looking at the hedgerow’s lining each side of the where as in a motorhome, you will be looking over the tops of these hedges at the wonderful views that the country has to offer.  Don’t be put off by the size of the motorhomes, they are based on 3.5 tonne van chassis’, meaning that you are able to drive on a standard UK catergory ‘B’ license, visibility is great and they are all equipped with full reversing camera’s to aid with parking.  They are designed to be used on the UK roads and will go up & down all but the smallest of roads.  Our ‘Luxury’ vehicles are also equipped with full motorhome specific sat navs.    

Ultimately, motorhomes may not be for everybody, but there is a whole world out there to discover.  The UK in itself has so much to offer and a motorhome allows you to explore, experience & appreciate what you have on your doorstep.  It supports farmers & small business owners all over the country and at Unleashed Motorhome Hire, we are here to help you get the most from your experience with us.

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