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Here at Unleashed, Motorhomes are not just our business, they’re our hobby.  We have a passion for travel… and dogs!  We both lead extremely busy lifestyles and wanted somewhere to escape for a night, a weekend or a week or two without being tied to one place.  Somewhere the dogs would always be welcome, somewhere we could be with people or get away from it all if we wanted to.

One thing we’ve realised since owning motorhomes is the beauty that you have on your own doorstep, you can travel in any given direction, following the sun, the sea or the mountains.  Looking at history & architechture,  visiting distilleries and farm shops, or just getting out in to nature walking and admiring the views.

And the best bit?  There doesn’t have to be an itinerary, you see somewhere, you stop, make lunch, take a walk, visit a town and when you run out of time for one day, you set up camp and go again in the morning.

Modern motorhomes are like “home from home” and with experience of using these vehicles ourselves, we like to make sure that the vans are kitted out to an exceptionally high standard, including all those little things that you might forget to bring.

Over the coming days, weeks, months we are going to be taking a look at some of our favourite trips and posting these out to our blog.  Please take a look and gather some inspiration for your next trip…..

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